PatientIQ eSign

PatientIQ supports FDA CFR Part 11 Title 21 compliant eSignatures.  Seamlessly capture eSigned documents by the patient on an iPad, computer, at-home, or in the clinic.  Securely store eSigned documents on your projects to ensure a compliance-first approach for all of your research projects.


Feature Highlights

  • Seamless capture of FDA compliant eSignatures
  • Cross platform support
  • Use existing PDF contracts
  • Compliance tools to manage expiration dates and annual review requirements

FDA Compliant eSignatures

PatientIQ eSign adheres to FDA standards for capturing electronic signatures.

Upload Any Existing PDF Contract

PatientIQ eSign supports any PDF contract for seamless capture of eSignatures. Upload your IRB approved templates, clinical consent forms, and other contracts for compliant signature capture.

Cross Platform Signature Capture

Use iPads in the clinic, computer terminals in the exam room, or allow the patient to eSign documents from the comfort of their own home.

Built-in Compliance Tools

Schedule expiration dates on your contracts if a mandatory review is required by your compliance team. PatientIQ will ensure an expired contract is never sent to the receiving counter-party.

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