Patient Reported Outcomes

PatientIQ was built to make collecting patient reported outcomes (PROs) painless.  We fully automate collecting PROs prior to patients arriving at the hospital, during the clinic visit, and in the post-discharge setting.  Our platform supports hundreds of the most commonly used validated PRO instruments and can be used to develop customized instruments.

Feature Highlights:

  • Leverage our growing and regularly updated library with hundreds of validated PRO instruments
  • Scoring algorithms and compliance metrics included for all measures
  • Auto generated patient progress reports ready to share with your patients
  • Benchmark patient outcomes versus other patients undergoing similar treatment

Multi-Specialty PRO Library

PatientIQ supports a robust and growing PRO instrument library. Our library contains general quality of life and disease/anatomic specific instruments, including many of the most widely reported instruments in your specialty.

Identify At-Risk Patients

Collecting PROs is not complex. PatientIQ focuses on maximizing insights for our healthcare providers so at-risk patients can be identified early and interventions can be planned to prevent avoidable complications.

PatientIQ Cohort Analysis

Patient reported outcomes are an invaluable data point in the overall clinical picture of a patient. PatientIQ utilizes both clinical data generated in the hospital and longitudinal patient reported outcomes to synthesize insights to improve healthcare delivery over time.

Proven Workflows to Enhance Compliance

Our team has experience optimizing PRO capture rates throughout the entire care episode. PatientIQ leverages technology to instill proven workflows that enable industry leading compliance rates.

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