Patient Education

Leverage PatientIQ’s interactive technology to deliver medically reviewed educational content to your patients.  Education modules can be assigned using our rules based inclusion/exclusion criteria and at any interval you choose.  Multimedia content is available for medical conditions, procedures, rehabilitation protocols, and many other important health literacy topics.

Feature Highlights

  • High-quality, digitally animated multimedia content with an average video duration less than 3 minutes
  • Track patient progress and identify at-risk patients
  • Downloadable brochures and transcripts are available to share with the patient
  • Multilingual support available for many modules

Track Patient Progress and Identify At-Risk Patients

Monitor in real-time your patients compliance with their assigned education modules. Identify at-risk patients early and intervene prior to preventable health problems.

High Quality Multimedia Patient Education Content Library

Leverage content developed by PatientIQ or one of our industry partners to best serve your patient population. Multimedia content is available for medical conditions, procedures, rehabilitation, and many other important health literacy topics.

Interactive Technology Accessible via Smartphone, Tablet, and Computer

Leverage PatientIQ’s technology to deliver high-quality educational content to your patients throughout their care episode. All content can be accessed prior to arriving at the hospital, during the clinic visit, or in the post-discharge setting.

Integrate Education Modules into Your Clinical Workflows

PatientIQ’s education modules can be seamlessly integrated into your clinical workflows. Our platform is designed to best serve your patients outside of the clinical setting. Well-timed and targeted education content will reduce unnecessary administrative burden for your clinical team.

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