Partner with PatientIQ and Leading Academic Physicians to Gain Critical Feedback on Your Products in the Marketplace

At its core, PatientIQ is designed to allow multiple stakeholders to collaborate and investigate important clinical questions. Use our platform to track long-term outcomes on medical devices, patient satisfaction, physician satisfaction, and a lot more.

Here is the Evidence to Support Your Sales Team

When introducing a new product into the market have you ever been asked, “Where is the data?” Well, we finally have the answer. Use PatientIQ to partner with leading academic physicians to collect scientific data on your full product range at a fraction of the cost.

Comprehensive Multicenter Registries

PatientIQ’s HIPAA compliant, cloud-based platform is perfect for hosting short and long-term scientific registries.  You offload the project management piece to our experts and start to learn from market data on your product.

Leading Academic Physicians are Already Collecting Outcomes Data on Our Platform

PatientIQ was designed to seamlessly integrate with the busy day-to-day workflow of a physician. Research data collection is no longer a hassle, but rather an opportunity for Physicians and Industry to work together to improve the innovation landscape in healthcare.

Real-time Analytics to Inform your Product Strategy

The era of paper data collection instruments is long gone. Watch in real-time as data is uploaded to the PatientIQ platform from anywhere in the world and get instantaneous access to comprehensive analytics.

Create Studies to Demonstrate How Your Product is Better than the Competition

Design a comprehensive device registry or prospective research trial that measures clinical, device, and patient-reported outcomes over time. Use our automated statistical analysis and data visualization tools to make your data actionable.