PatientIQ Empowers All Physicians to Practice Personalized Evidence-Based Medicine

PatientIQ is a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based application that seamlessly integrates clinical data from the EHR, patient-reported outcomes (PROs), and provides analytics for physicians.

Leverage Big Data to Improve Your Patient Outcomes

PatientIQ is a technology company dedicated to simplifying evidence-based medicine. We collect data long after your patients are discharged from the hospital and report meaningful outcomes data to guide physicians to achieving the best outcomes for your patients.

Fully Automated Patient-Reported Outcomes

PatientIQ collects data from your patients in the comfort of their own home. Schedule validated scientific PRO instruments or custom surveys to be sent to your patients before clinic, after surgery, or whenever you choose.

Electronic Health Record Agnostic

PatientIQ was designed to integrate with any existing data source. This includes all major electronic health record providers, SQL databases, Excel spreadsheets, and more.  Making sense of big data is our specialty.

Multicenter Collaboration

Partner with co-investigators anywhere in the world. Invite your colleagues (even if they are at a different healthcare organization) to collaborate on your research initiatives.  Meet your enrollment goals in weeks and months instead of years.  PatientIQ automatically de-identifies data sets so you can leave HIPAA compliance to us.

Full-Service Customer Support

PatientIQ’s team of data analysts and software engineers work side-by-side with our clients to alleviate the burden of collecting the data required for customized physician analytics. You give us access to your data and we do the rest!

Tailored to Your Specialty

PatientIQ was designed to work for all types of physicians, whether you specialize in internal medicine or outpatient surgery. Our clients include some of the top academic healthcare institutions in the United States and also smaller private practice physician groups. If you want a better way to measure your outcomes data, PatientIQ will be a great fit.