Interoperability at its Core

PatientIQ was designed to seamlessly integrate with the electronic health record (EHR) and other practice management solutions commonly used in healthcare today.  Once integrated, PatientIQ  streamlines clinical workflows and serves as the perfect research and clinical analytics add-on to your EHR.

EHR integration benefits include:

  • Live syncing with your clinic/surgery schedule
  • Auto-enrollment into PatientIQ based upon medical history, procedure, diagnosis, or any custom criteria
  • Leverage our statistical analysis tools for deep-diving into your patient population
  • Structure your clinical documentation for research & eliminate the need for “retrospective” mining

Live Sync Your Clinic/Surgery Schedule

PatientIQ connects to your clinic and surgery schedules in order to automate burdensome clinical tasks. A live feed is established so all of your patients, visits, and surgeries are accessible in PatientIQ.

Research & Analytics Extension to the EHR

PatientIQ serves as a research and analytics extension to your EHR. Our platform collects data seamlessly from the patient beyond the clinical setting and also leverages data residing in the EHR. Unleash big data insights and prediction to improve your patient outcomes.

Rules Based Auto-Enrollment

Whether you are using PatientIQ for a clinical care pathway or a prospective research study, you can use our rules-based inclusion and exclusion criteria to precisely target your patient population by diagnosis, medical history, upcoming visits, and many other dimensions.

Eliminate Retrospective Mining

Instead of custom building research and clinical documentation instruments into your EHR, leverage PatientIQ’s rapid prototyping solutions for structuring data. Data can be bidirectionally shared with the EHR.

Ready to start?

Together let’s transform your organization into a data-driven enterprise. Leave the heavy lifting to us.