Data Driven Insights

We provide big data insights for the various stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.  Our platform empowers healthcare providers with scientific quality performance metrics and a big data learning platform to identify patient trends and predictors of patient outcomes.

Feature Highlights:

  • Scientific quality performance metrics that healthcare providers trust for guiding healthcare decisions
  • Built-in statistical modeling and prediction tools
  • Data visualization engine that exports journal quality charts and figures


Statistics Decision Engine

We understand that not everyone in healthcare is a statistics pro. That’s why our platform recommends the appropriate statistical tests based upon the underlying structure and features of your data.

Data Visualization

Bringing your data to life with beautiful charts, figures, and other outputs is a given for the PatientIQ analytics suite. We support hundreds of data visualization options that are ready to be shared in a peer reviewed journal, with your patients, or colleagues.

PatientIQ Cohort Analysis

Deep-dive into your data using PatientIQ Cohort Analysis. Our platform utilizes both clinical data generated in the hospital and longitudinal patient reported outcomes to synthesize insights to improve healthcare delivery over time.

Personalized Performance Metrics

Healthcare providers that partner with PatientIQ have an unparalleled access to data insights on their patients. Our platform aggregates highly personalized performance metrics tailored to your medical specialty and patient population.

Ready to start?

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