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Where do you get the data?

PatientIQ was designed to work with any existing data source.  Interoperability is a major problem in healthcare technology today, so PatientIQ was built to be incredibly flexible with its data storage.  What does that mean?  It means that we can connect directly to any major EHR or practice management software.  We can import your existing research databases from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Google Sheets, Redcap, etc.  Once we integrate all of your data into the PatientIQ platform, you immediately get access to our Patient facing engine to collect data directly from patients in the convenience of their own home.  Finally, all of this data is made available for real-time analysis that includes statistical modeling and data visualization.

How much does PatientIQ cost?

We agree that it is frustrating when a software vendor doesn’t just list their price on the website. Due to the wide-variety of implementation solutions for PatientIQ (fully-integrated with EHR, patient-reported outcomes only, registry provider, individual subscriber versus entire hospital, etc.) we need to hear about your specific needs.  Please contact us to learn more!