Clinical Research Reimagined

PatientIQ was Designed for Collaboration

Pubmed is where researchers and inquiring minds go to read published research. PatientIQ is where you go to find co-investigators, design studies, and execute sound scientific research to advance the field of medicine.

Multicenter Collaboration Made Simple & Secure

With the click of a button, you can collaborate with colleagues around the world. Invite co-investigators from outside institutions to contribute data to your study.  A study that would take several years at a single center can now be completed in a manner of weeks or months.  Data sets are automatically de-identified and you can rest assured HIPAA compliance is built into the fabric of our platform.

Philanthropic Outreach to Support Your Research

Since PatientIQ is already connecting with your patients, our platform is the ideal place to establish a patient philanthropic outreach program. Regularly update your patients about ongoing research, empower each of them to get involved, and receive voluntary donations 100% electronically through our platform to support your vision.

Research Add-on to Any Electronic Health Record

PatientIQ is the perfect research add-on to any existing electronic health record. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your EHR and offers an automated solution to enroll patients in studies, analyze cohorts, and gain actionable insights into your patient populations.

Built-in Statistical Modeling

PatientIQ has a full-suite reporting engine that comes pre-built with statistical analysis. Dive deep into your data with real-time cohort analysis and statisical modeling. Our growing library of statistical models includes both parametric and non-parametric tests. You don’t have to be a data scientist to leverage these tools!

Full Service Customer Support and Access to Expert Data Analysts

PatientIQ is more than a software platform. Our team members have vast experience in academic research, data modeling, statistical analysis, software engineering, and a lot more! We are your partner in this endeavor to improve your patient outcomes.

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Together let’s transform your organization into a data-driven enterprise. Leave the heavy lifting to us.