Data. Research. Analytics. For Healthcare

PatientIQ is a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based application that seamlessly integrates clinical data, patient-reported outcomes, and academic research to provide analytics for the various stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

One Platform For All

Meet the platform that unites physicians, patients, industry and academic research to rapidly improve patient outcomes.

Electronic Health Record Agnostic

We are the research and outcomes add-on to your existing electronic health record or practice management software.

Comprehensive Multicenter Registries

Now you can partner with co-investigators anywhere in the world. Leave HIPAA compliance to us.

Life Science & Medical Device Companies

Collaborate with leading physicians using products in your market to collect & analyze data in real-time.

Healthcare Providers

PatientIQ empowers all physicians to practice personalized evidence-based medicine without the need for MORE documentation during your busy day.  Our platform is fully-automated and connects with your existing electronic health record.

Industry Partners

We are the data platform to support your evidence-based sales strategy.  PatientIQ’s network of academic physicians and cutting-edge outcomes platform facilitates investigator-initiated research studies at a fraction of the cost.

Academic Research

Academic research in healthcare is incredibly inefficient and siloed between healthcare organizations.  PatientIQ was designed to redefine the way data is collected for research in a hospital.